Nevin, we truly appreciate all the work you have been doing with our son. Not only are his grades good, he appears a lot more organized with his time and things recently. I used to dread looking into his school bag because of the poorly managed folders and paperwork. I actually exclaimed out loud yesterday when I saw how neat his organization is now. THANK YOU!

Mother of a Lincoln-Sudbury High freshman
email address available upon request

Lexington Tutoring is an exceptional resource for college students who need academic and/or organizational support. Julie did a superb job providing organizational coaching to our Emerson College freshman, establishing a good rapport and helping to instill some important organizational skills. Her weekly reports were very insightful and helpful. We highly recommend both Lexington Tutoring and Julie.

Nora, it has been a pleasure working with you over the past several years with both of our college students.

Kind regards,
Parents of an Emerson College freshman
email address available upon request

Thank you SO MUCH! Kaila was a perfect tutor for our son, both encouraging and challenging and so clear in her study methods. Our son got his grades yesterday and today. He is graduating!! A long journey and we are so very happy for him.  You and your tutors Amy and Kaila were an integral part of his staying on top of his academics over the years and getting to this graduation. We are truly grateful!

Thanks so much!
Mother of a 2019 Boston University graduate
email address available upon request

We've been very pleased with Kaila's work with our son. She is incredibly patient, and efficient and intuitive in sensing his problems, and he likes that he gets his homework done with her.  It used to be a struggle for us every week to work through it with him, and it allows him to miss the occasional Russian math class (which he despises!) for other more fun obligations.  The wrap up with photos that she sends every week is very helpful for us too.  We don't often have a lot of time to work with him on strengthening his weaknesses during the week due to his other assignments and activities, but if we do, we try to draw on her suggestions.  

Mother of Carlisle Middle School 7th grader
email address available upon request

I wanted to let you and Josh know that I received my results last night and I passed my MTEL! I’m so thankful for all the work Josh has done to help me this past summer. I really enjoyed working with Josh. I very much appreciated the individual attention and help I was given. The report was incredibly helpful and guided me in the areas I needed to improve on in order to attain success. I think this is a fantastic company. I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for improvement in test taking.

Thank you and Josh for your dedication and hard work. I greatly appreciate it!

Graduate student at William James College (Newton, MA) working toward her MA/CAGS
email address available upon request

Just wanted to thank you, Courtney, for the time spent with my daughter. She PASSED BOTH SUB TESTS!!!!   I am sure she will come back as she needs to prep for additional licensure exams

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Mother of a student at UMass Amherst preparing for both subtests of the Communication and Literacy MTEL
email address available upon request

We could not be happier with Jon or Lexington Tutoring. You are awesome and have made a tremendous difference for my son. Not only in the technical skills of test-taking, but in his sense of confidence and determination. Quite possibly, it has changed his future for the better. Thank you so much.

Kind regards,
Mother of a senior at Concord Carlisle
email address available upon request

Thank you for all of your help and for providing us such wonderful tutoring help. Both of my daughters have benefited both academically and personally as their tutors have served as wonderful role models as well.

Kind regards,
Mother of a rising sophomore at Lexington High School and a rising freshman at the University of Denver’s honors program
email address available upon request

Courtney, we really value your clarity and instinctive touch with our son. Your blend of clarity, gently firm pacing, and the nurturing alliance you convey communicates to him that you believe in him ... This clearly brings the best out of him.... We try the same, naturally, but as his parents, he tends not to want to hear it from us.... Can't thank you enough for all you have done to help him this year.

Parent of a Lexington High School 9th grader
email address available upon request

First let me thank you for facilitating our request and for recommending Nevin for our situation. Nevin turned out to be a fantastic tutor for our daughter. She relates well to his teaching style. Nevin was very professional and focused on our goal of getting our daughter as ready as possible for the ISEE test. He applied the right challenge level and although a lot of material was covered, Nevin was never too demanding or pushy with our daughter He was able to quickly recognize some areas of inexperience with her skills in both the math, vocabulary and writing and was able to hone in on those areas. The report assessments were extremely accurate.

Nevin's approach made it easy for our daughter to be comfortable letting him know what she did not understand as they progressed through the exercises. He applied patience in the right places and repetition as needed. At the same time it was never dull and he would use great real world examples applied to the materials so that correct context could be associated.

Nevin was able to build a rapport with our daughter and she was receptive to that. It was certainly a lot of work to cover but our daughter prepared for the 2 weekly sessions because she was sure she would be learning so much each time with Nevin.

Many thanks,
Mother of a Lexington 6th grader applying to Beaver Country Day School
email address available upon request

Mike has been wonderful to work with. He was very patient, organized, and methodical in his approach. Importantly, Mike was very knowledgeable in the subject matter for our son's senior year AP courses, and that was a great help. Each of these factors helped our son plan his work and execute successfully.

We would like to congratulate Lexington Tutoring and Nora's leadership in particular for our son being able to perform at his best. Thank you for the dependable and expert help we were able to obtain from your group of highly talented tutors, Megan, Raghav, Brad and Mike.

Parents of a Lexington High School graduating senior
email address available upon request

We were referred to Lexington Tutoring by a friend. My son had taken the SAT exam and scored well below his potential. He only had 4 weeks to prepare for the next SAT exam. He worked really well with Julie. She was able to work on both his weaknesses and strengths. She also gave him strategies for taking the tests.

We just received his test scores back and he increased his SAT I score by 200 points, including an 800 on the math section! Thanks Julie and Nora for all your help!

2 months later: Our son got 800 on Math 2 Subject test. The results came out yesterday. Julie, thanks again for all your patience with our son. I know he really enjoyed working with you.

Parents of a junior at Newton South
email address available upon request

We wanted to let  you know that our daughter passed her last MTEL!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you very much for setting up FaceTime tutoring for her with Courtney.  This was obviously beneficial since she had taken this particular test six times before tutoring with Courtney and hadn’t passed.   We are so excited that our daughter will now be able to starting student teaching in January,  Please pass our sincere thanks on to Courtney.

Littleton mother of an Elementary Education major Stonehill College
email address available upon request

I just wanted to let you know that I passed both subtests of the Communication and Literacy Skills MTEL. Thank you a ton for all the work and help that you provided me. I am so happy that I have passed this, and am looking forward to a great summer!

Thank you, Josh, and Lexington Tutoring!

A rising Junior at Stonehill College preparing for both Communication and Literacy subtests
email address available upon request

Nevin - thank you for all your help with our son.  He really enjoyed working with you and feels he benefited greatly from the sessions.

Winchester parents of a Dexter School 9th grader
email address available upon request

Thank you very much for the detailed report. We truly appreciate the detail oriented approach of Lexington Tutoring. The tutoring sessions helped our son bring in a more organized approach to his exam prep and as well as get help with questions and understanding of his subjects. Jon and Ajay have been a very good influence on our son and have helped him get more confident.

I will be happy to provide references for Lexington Tutoring to any students or families interested

Mother of a rising senior at Westford Academy
email address available upon request

Nevin was a terrific coach who was instrumental in turning around my son's interest and performance in a demanding AP Biology class. He was not only thorough in his knowledge, he was also a fabulous and engaging teacher. His feedback following every class helped me stay connected with what happened during the session. Nora was the perfect conduit who managed the logistics of scheduling very professionally.

I highly recommend this tutoring service for anyone looking for top quality service to help their child.

A Newton parent
email address available upon request

Julie was a great help. My son learned a lot. Julie helped to build up his confidence in himself and understanding of material. Julie helped bring out the best in him!

Mother of a Newton South junior preparing for the SAT, the ACT, the SAT II Chemistry and the SAT II Math 2
email address available upon request

As you probably know, SAT II scores were released today. Our daughter texted me (I was at the gym) because she thought she might be confusing her reported score. She wasn’t. She scored an 800 on the exam!

Thank you so much to the both of you – we know what incredible work you did with our daughter and, obviously, it paid off! In a year that was marked with a lot of teacher turnover and uncertainty, Nevin’s assistance was invaluable.

PS sent a few weeks later: "Our daughter scored an 800 on the SAT II Biology exam, 5’s on BOTH the Biology and World History AP exams, and an A in AP Bio. Thank you again!

Parent of a Lexington High School rising junior
email address available upon request

Amy, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work with [our daughter] this summer. You have helped her with her exams, but in other ways as well! She values her time with you and I think she aspires to emulate you as she grows into adulthood.

We could not be happier with you and greatly appreciate your hard work with our daughter!

Our daughter says,

“Amy was a wonderful tutor. She helped me craft a study schedule, taught me test-taking strategies, and reviewed material I found difficult. All the while she was pleasant and easy to work with. I now feel much more prepared going in to take both the ACT and SAT.”

Parent of a Northborough High School junior
email address available upon request

Courtney, we can tell that your work with [our son} is an anchoring / organizing factor in his week; at times it seems like he wants to come to sessions prepared to show that he has done things on his own, etc. We don’t push him in any direction; he drives himself, but part of what motivates him to sustain that drive is having your sessions and guidance. Thank you for this

Thank you,

Parents of Lexington High School ninth grader
email address available upon request

Courtney is just lovely and [our daughter] looks forward to working with her every Tuesday. Her time with her has been very beneficial and we are so glad to have her.

Thank you,

Parents of a Westford High School eighth grader
email address available upon request

I want to thank Victoria for being flexible with the material that she and our daughter cover during their sessions. I know they were signed up to do geometry but Victoria's ability to switch to other topics as needed has been hugely helpful.  As I am sure Victoria has seen, [our daughter] puts a tremendous amount of pressure on herself to prepare for quizzes and tests and homework even in situations where she either has an A+ or where the grade itself doesn't matter.  For her, having Victoria explain concepts to her and ensure her deep level of understanding gives her the confidence to relax a bit and not put so much pressure on herself.  These sessions have done wonders for reducing her stress levels and that to me is a priceless gift! 

She was also so pleased with the organization that Victoria taught her and how they organized and prioritized all the papers in her math notebook.  Again, this gave her a feeling of control and clarity and, while she does extremely well in school, I am learning that her anxieties creep up regardless of her grades. So I wanted to thank Victoria for recognizing all of this and for taking the time to help her on so many counts - not just the assigned subject material.  We are so very grateful for all of Victoria's hard work with [our daughter] and we look forward to more work with her going forward.

Parents of a Lexington High School 9th grader
email address available upon request

It was a pleasure having Victoria work with our son. She is very knowledgeable and really helped him organize his studying and learn the material.

Mother of a Lexington High School AP Biology student
email address available upon request

Our daughter has gotten a lot out of the tutoring she has received from Lexington Tutoring. I highly recommend Jon Langford. Jon has been wonderful. He simplifies complicated material for students who are having a difficult time comprehending complex equations.

Thank you,
Mother of a Lexington High School graduating senior
email address available upon request

Elissa was such a pleasure to work with. She never made me feel like I was uneducated when I didn't understand something, and she gave feedback in a way that really boosted my confidence instead of tearing it down. I thoroughly enjoyed our tutoring sessions and I even looked forward to them. The homework assignments she gave me were so helpful and really raised my confidence with the abundance of test material. Elissa is such a kind person and we were even able to joke around a little during our sessions which made me really comfortable with her. I never felt embarrassed when I didn't understand something, she was always willing to go above and beyond for me and provide extra study materials when I needed it. I strongly recommend working with Elissa for the Early Childhood MTEL. I am SO grateful for her as she was able to help me get closer to achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.

My tutoring sessions with Josh were so productive. Every time I left I was more confident with the test material. His visual aids were extremely helpful and I used them on the day of the test to work off of. Josh really helped boost my confidence, he made me feel so smart whenever we discussed the material on the test and that really helped me succeed. I was really comfortable with Josh, and I looked forward to our tutoring sessions every week. I strongly recommend Josh and all of his knowledge and test taking tips. I took this test three times and with the help and support from Josh I was finally able to pass Foundations of Reading. The knowledge gained from the tutoring is knowledge that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and into my teaching career.

I am SO happy with Lexington tutoring.

Thank you,
An Early Childhood major at Regis College preparing for the Early Childhood MTEL with Elissa Sanford and Foundations of Reading with Josh Sanford
email address available upon request

Josh, we worked together during the summer to study for my History MTEl. I wanted to let you know that I passed on the first try! Woohoo!

Thanks so much for all your assistance, it really helped me!

Thank you,

“Student at Rivier University with degrees in history and secondary education
email address available upon request

Nevin, thanks SO much for your kind words and for all your help this year! It surely was a memorable year with all the tasks required! One thing that gave her calm was being on top of her homework, especially math, so thanks. We will see what next year brings at Concord Academy. I am going to give her a chance to start and see what she needs from there. We will certainly keep you in mind should she require tutoring. Thanks again, and we hope to see you again!

Lexington mother of a Concord Academy rising freshman
email address available upon request

Robert enjoyed working with Victoria. She has an excellent level of knowledge of physics and geometry and was always prepared for the homework coaching sessions. She was a great help to Robert during the school year!

Father of a rising sophomore at Waltham High School
email address available upon request

Josh tutored me in early August for the math (03) MTEL.  I got the results yesterday and I passed!  Thanks so much Josh, your tutoring helped me understand and apply so much more information than I had in previous MTEL attempts.  Thanks for everything!

Thank you,
Carolyn Conti, Bridgewater State College, MEd in Special Ed — Severe Disabilities

Thank you so much for helping my daughter prepare for her SAT subject tests and enabling her rapid improvement after only three 3-hour sessions. I was especially pleased with her increase of almost 100 point increase on the Math II Subject Test.  Jon is an experienced tutor and able to pinpoint areas, facilitating rapid improvement. All tutoring sessions were well planned.

I also appreciated Jon’s detailed reports after each session.  His reports highlighted the weakest areas and clarified the focus for each future session. They kept me in the loop and enabled me to effectively discuss my daughter’s preparation with her.

Thank you so much!
Father of a rising senior at Wellesley High School
email address available upon request

Thank you for what you and Brad have done for me. I'll never forget it. For the first time i actually feel good about taking the MTEL Biology exam. Brad was absolutely amazing and definitely worth the money, he knows everything!!! I will definitely come back for help when i plan to take the chemistry MTEL and i have already recommended Lexington Tutoring to my teacher-to-be friends.

Thank you,

Prospective biology teacher in Shrewsbury, MA
email address available upon request

Seeking an elementary teacher licensure, I sought the help of Lexington Tutoring. Working around my busy schedule, Nora matched me to the tutor, Bryan, in preparation for several MTEL tests. Bryan has a very reassuring and can-do attitude! With his support and guidance, I was able to pass the Communication and Literacy tests as well as the General Curriculum multi-subject test my first time.

This year, I was challenged with the task of passing the math sub-test for elementary and middle school teachers. Before my tutoring sessions with Bryan, I felt confused and discouraged about the subject material before me. Bryan explained that succeeding in the math sub-test is a lot about having the confidence to do so. He broke up the material for me into manageable steps, relieving my test anxiety.

At the end of my tutoring sessions with Bryan and walking in to take each of my tests, I’ve always felt confident, capable, and ready. I attribute my preparation for the MTEL tests to Bryan and feel much more capable after working with him! I would definitely reach out to work with him again, and I would recommend Bryan and Lexington Tutoring to anyone working to be a Massachusetts teacher.

Holy Cross alumnus, Philosophy major, Education Studies minor
email address available upon request

Jon worked with my son, who is now a Brandeis graduate, for almost three years. Jon was extremely effective and helpful. He was been able to assist my son in organizing his weekly study plan in addition to helping him learn the material in some particularly challenging neuroscience and physics classes. Jon helped my son outline various writing assignments in several classes so that he could get them submitted on time. He writes thorough, detailed reports of each tutoring session so that we knew what they are working on each week, and our son received them as well so they served as a nice follow-up reminder of what he should be focusing on.

I highly recommend Jon, as he is a diligent, dedicated, knowledgeable, and patient mentor.

Parent of a Brandeis University student
email address available upon request

Mike has been a great help to my son throughout the two years he has tutored him. Mike has not just taught him the course content but was especially excellent in helping him to manage his work load and in inculcating good study habits. As a result of his warm and caring guidance, my son has improved substantially in his work performance, work ethics and personal growth. He has changed him from a student who was struggling to cope with college into an independent, confident and successful learner. His grades have been consistently high and he has matured considerably.

Thank you Mike for all the help. We really appreciate all that you have done.

Parent of a Bentley College student
email address available upon request

Thank you so much for all of your help and support with my MTEL's. With your tutoring I was able to pass both Foundations of Reading and the Math General Curriculum test. I would not have been able to do it without the help of Josh. Josh was able to break down the material into concepts that met my learning needs.  I am so grateful that I found your tutoring center and was able to connect with Josh. Josh was so patient and kind and really believed in me. He helped me to understand not only the concepts that would be on the test but he gave me strategies to help me be successful in taking the tests.  

I cannot say enough good things!!
A Norwood, MA teacher
email address available upon request

Josh was an excellent tutor for the MTEL General Curriculum Math test. He was very knowledgeable not only about the content area but about the intricacies of the MTEL itself. His knowledge on the test and materials were greatly beneficial to me as I retook the test. I am so happy to say that I passed the math MTEL, and will be teaching this fall. Could not have done it without his help. Thanks so much! 

Please let Josh know that I passed and have officially received my license from the state of Massachusetts!

Francesca Panorese
A University of New Hampshire graduate with her BA and Masters in Elementary and Special Education
email address available upon request

I would like to thank you and Nevin for the excellent services you have provided. Thanks for being professional and efficient. Nevin has been most helpful in tutoring our daughter on her math and science subjects. He made learning fun and less stressful for her. I also appreciate his detailed weekly reports which reflected his well organized efforts. We couldn't have come through high school without him.

Many thanks!
A parent of a Lexington High School graduating senior
email address available upon request

Thank you so much for matching my daughter with Bryan for MTEL prep. There wasn't a doubt in my mind from the first session that Bryan was going to be able to help her. He was extremely positive and so helpful finding strategies that helped her gain confidence to pass the test. I will not hesitate to recommend your company and Bryan to others. I will definitely use him for the other MTEL tests.

Thank you again for all your help,
Parent of a Merrimack College student
email address available upon request

I would recommend Lexington Tutoring to anyone and feel so lucky to have found them in my time of need. My tutoring sessions with Josh flew by each week and left me feeling so much more prepared for the MTEL English exam. I am confident that I will pass this time. While my main focus of tutoring work was on the writing portion of the exam, Josh also prepped me with helpful strategies for the multiple choice portion. He has a wonderful way about him, has tremendous knowledge of history and literary periods, and makes you feel so at ease, even when the subject matter at hand is quite intense and difficult!

Thank you, Josh, and Lexington Tutoring,
Prospective English teacher in Framingham, MA
email address available upon request

When we first emailed Lexington Tutoring to inquire about help for our son for the ACT, it was four weeks before the test date.  We received an immediate response from Nora, who appreciated the urgency, and who right away selected a possible tutor and proposed a very efficient and practical schedule.  That very week, our son met with Jon Langford.  First impressions are so important in a tutoring relationship, and Jon was instantly able to establish a rapport with our 16-year-old based on finding their similar interests in areas of study and extracurricular activities. This put our son at ease right way, and he looked forward each week to these tutoring sessions.  Furthermore, Jon is very knowledgable in all of the subjects covered on the ACT, from math and science to reading and writing the essay.  He was also able focus like a laser on trouble spots.  He gave excellent tips on strategy and pacing.  Our son came to Jon struggling to finish certain sections in time on practice tests, but on the day of the real test, he finished all sections with time to spare.

Jon is obviously extremely bright and also very kind and patient.  Each of the four two-hour sessions was invaluable and eye-opening.  As parents, our favorite part of the whole experience was a complex, detailed, nuanced report by Jon, emailed to us by Nora within a day of each meeting.  This was so useful, as it summarized the many things discussed in the session, and we could guide our son and encourage him productively during his time away from Jon.   He scored a very respectable 28 on his first time taking the test, and we are delighted and looking forward to working with Jon again for any tutoring needs.

A Sudbury parent
email address available upon request

I cannot speak more highly of Josh. He has been fantastic and a perfect fit for us and most importantly, Matt. We greatly appreciate the service you have provided us through Josh and we are certain Matt’s intellectual growth has benefited from this experience.

Georgia & Richard Bruggeman, Sherborn, MA

Brandon's work with our daughter has been absolutely spectacular. She looks forward to working with him each time, and comes away from the session feeling competent, capable, and having learned a lot! For a student who has always dreaded math, that's pretty amazing! He is, as I'm sure you know, terrific!

Thanks so much,
A Somerville parent
email address available upon request

I just want to thank you again for helping my daughter. Our daughter says that Elissa is a wonderful teacher. She can't say enough about how smart she is and how wonderfully she relates to her. That is so important for our daughter. She had lost her confidence after failing so many times. Hopefully this will be the last time for this test. Please tell Elissa I am ever so grateful to her for giving my daughter her confidence back.

Thank you,
A Weymouth parent
email address available upon request

Working with Elissa was such a great experience. She was with me 100% of the way during the sessions. She listened to all my questions and opinions. Elissa was able to use the short amount of time we had each week to create useful and resourceful lessons. She is without a doubt the reason I feel so confident going into my next MTEL.

Thank you Elissa!
Samantha Scanlon
Raynham, Massachusetts

When I first called Lexington Tutoring I was very apprehensive whether they were going to help me achieve a passing score on the Biology MTEL I committed to the tutoring sessions with Nevin, and found that he explained the content clearly, and related the material in a way I could retain it. I not only passed the MTEL, I overachieved in every category from my previous results. The best five words I read were “you met the qualifying score.” I highly recommend using Lexington Tutoring.

Thank you,
Jeremy Kennefick, MEd
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

It was a true pleasure working with Lauren. She was extremely helpful, organized, and so kind. She was able to break down the information in a way that was understandable for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. She truly was amazing and by far one of the best tutors I have ever had. She really cares for my understanding of the content and I loved how we wouldn’t move onto something new until I was totally comfortable with what we had just learned. Her ability to pull out and explain the information in a way that was easiest for me to learn was amazing. I loved working with her!!

Thank you for all your help as well!

Kristina Baker
Prospective teacher in Canton, MA

Lauren is a pleasure to work with! You are very lucky to have her on your staff. Her knowledge of the subject is outstanding, she made it so much easier for me to finally grasp the overall concept of Foundations of Reading. At this point, I truly believe I have the necessary tools to past the test. Thank you both so much for your help.

Thank you for all your help as well!

Alan Bercy
Lynn Massachusetts teacher

Without Bryan's tutoring and self confidence boosts, I don't think I would have passed the Elementary Math MTEL. I'd taken it 7 times and was thinking I would never pass it. Thanks for all the time spent working with me!

Thanks again for your services,
A Jamaica Plain recent college graduate
email address available upon request

My son R. was falling through the floorboards at school; completely disengaged and disorganized. My call to Lexington Tutoring was akin to a 911 call; we needed fast help if R. was to survive his junior year. Lexington Tutoring responded immediately and took time to work with me to find a good tutoring match. Mike  made room in his already crowded tutoring schedule to help us, and  for the rest of the academic year he arrived faithfully at our doorstep twice a week, always exactly on time and well-prepared for 90-minute sessions with R. Mike not only had the content knowledge to help R. with challenging math and science assignments; he also brought the wisdom of his own experience as a teenager who had once struggled through high school. Lexington Tutoring is an investment, no question. For this family, it was an extremely worthwhile one.

Catherine A., West Roxbury, MA
email address available upon request

Just wanted to take a few moments to send along my thanks to Josh for his help in studying for my recent MTEL General Curriculum- Math Subtest. After 4 years and many many attempts at the test while at studying on my own, I received my test scores today and am so happy to say I finally passed! The areas that Josh and I focused our study sessions on are the areas that I did best (and the areas that I historically did worst) and I scored a "thorough" on my open response.

I appreciate all of your time and help. Thank you again!!

University of Connecticut graduate with a double major in communication disorders and psychology and a masters in special ed from Simmons
email address available upon request

We were completely satisfied with Raghav’s work. Beyond satisfied - just thrilled with how well he clicked with our son, and was able to engage him in his schoolwork and on a personal level. 90 minutes is a long time to spend with someone in a one-on-one situation, and our son always had very good things to say about his interactions with Raghav. And of course Raghav was phenomenal in the tutoring he provided in math and in general study skills, organization, study habits, and writing. We would not hesitate to recommend Raghav, and in fact we have given Lexington Tutoring and Raghav’s name to several people. We also hope we can schedule tutoring sessions with Raghav again next fall when school resumes.

Parents of a Lynnfield High student
email address available upon request

Lexington Tutoring and Greg Andrus have been amazing in helping our son understand both Enriched Chemistry and Pre-Calculus at Concord Carlisle High School. In both classes his grades were brought up a full letter grade. Greg has a strong understanding of the materials and has a knack for breaking down complicated subject matter into understandable concepts. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for Lexington Tutoring and Greg Andrus anytime.

A Concord parent
email address available upon request

This past year, my daughter was enrolled in a very challenging history/English course; it was basically college level reading and writing with similarly high expectations for grading, during Junior year of High School.  My daughter was overwhelmed and lacking confidence in her effort. We called Nora early in the fall, having had a previous positive experience with Lexington Tutoring with another sibling.  Amy Berninger worked with my daughter and she was a god send.  Prior to engaging with Amy, my daughter was staying up very late nights, constantly, considered dropping the class and just not functioning well in the rest of her classes and activities.

Amy was essential in helping to organize, interpret, pull information from my daughter, helping her to move forward in her assignments. Each and every week, my daughter would report, 'wow, that was really helpful', 'I feel like I can actually do this work now', 'extremely productive', etc.

Amy is very well organized and easy to work with.  She gave my daughter the structure she needed to succeed in a challenging class that she had considered dropping.  By working through her assignments with Amy's support in outlining, brain storming, providing feedback, my daughter gained both skills and confidence in her work.  Most importantly, Amy's seemingly casual style and non-judgmental approach were key to easing my daughters stress; she looked forward to their sessions; they were productive; life became manageable; she is better prepared for college.  Daughter reported having gained confidence in class and life by sticking out that challenging experience.  We would not have stuck it out without Amy's support.

Thank you!
A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

A belated note of thanks for the very well run program that you offer individuals who are working towards the MTEL exams. Everything was so organized and thorough, especially the follow-up information from the tutors who worked with both of our teachers.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we would certainly call upon you (or continue with, if need be!) for tutoring help for our teachers working towards these exams.

Thank you,
Ann F. Sullivan, Wellesley, MA
Professional Development & Mentor Coordinator
Tenacre Country Day School
78 Benvenue Street
Wellesley, MA 02482
781-235-2282 x250

Working with Jessie and seeing the results of her efforts has done wonders for our daughter's overall confidence  (not just for SATs).   Jessie - thanks so much!  Our daughter really likes working with you. 

A Westford parent
email address available upon request

Jamie is really enjoying the Skype video sessions. He feels so much more confident in his writing and English abilities which is such a pleasure to see. Jessie has made a huge difference in a short amount of time and we are all very grateful to have her as a resource for Jamie. 

Best regards,
Kelly Warren, Ascot, Berkshire, the United Kingdom

Our daughter's sessions with Bailey have been incredibly helpful and, importantly, enjoyable. She says that Bailey manages to address all her questions and does so in a way that is accessible forour duaghter. She says that Bailey has figured out her learning style and utilizes that in their lessons. As a result, her frustrations with AP Bio are reduced and her confidence is way up. Our daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Bailey and that, to me, is the best feedback of all.

Our daughter and Bailey have already mapped out a plan to prepare for the AP exam and SAT subject test and that gives us all comfort. We are delighted that she is in such good hands with Bailey!

Thank you, Lexington Tutoring!
A Lexington parent of an AP Biology student
email address available upon request

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her Skype sessions with Jessie. As we live in London and my daughter has been educated in the British school system, she was finding the ACT and SAT preparations somewhat of a challenge. Jessie did an outstanding job of helping my daughter with exam and problem solving strategies to help familiarise her with this new method of testing. During their Skype sessions, Jessie and my daughter worked through sample test questions from each section of the ACT; this work was then supplemented with challenging and interesting weekly homework assignments.

My daughter made huge improvements in a short period of time and is now approaching her upcoming ACT test with much confidence.

Best regards,
Kelly Warren, Ascot, Berkshire, the United Kingdom

I wanted to let you know I passed the MTEL Elementary Math (53). Thank you for the help, and thank you to Bryan for the tips, explanations and advice.

I appreciate the work of both you and Bryan,

Thank you,
Kelsey Kosan, Waltham, MA

Thank Nevin very much. We are grateful for all the help! Our son enjoyed working with Nevin and learned a lot from him. Also, Nevin is truly a role model for him.

Huixing Yuan, PhD, Lexington, MA

Nevin was terrific - very professional and right on target for our shy 9th grader. I appreciate your fitting us in at the last minute!

Susan McPhee, Winchester, MA

Thank you so much for helping Lauren prepare for her MTELs. The time she spent with Josh was well worth the time and the money. Lauren went into her exam well prepared and very confident. Josh was an extremely helpful tutor not just in terms of helping her learn the required material, but also giving her very helpful test-taking strategies. I would definitely recommend your services to any student preparing for the MTELs.

Thank you again,
Karen Galvin, Attleboro, MA

Nora and Elissa, thank you so much for your help wìth the Early Childhood MTEL. I had taken the test six time before consulting Lexington Tutoring. Their approach is in depth and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Elissa was awsome! She is knowledgeable about the Early Childhood MTEL and stresses what the state will definitely ask on the test. Without my positive tutoring experience I might have given up.

Jessica Bianco, Framingham, MA

I just wanted to thank Margaret for all her help.  It made a big difference for Allyson on AP Biology test day.  Allyson said that she felt that she performed similarly on the multiple choice on the test as she did in the recent practice exams (which was good).  She also said that she was able to complete all the open responses, whereas she heard from many of her friends that they didn't have time to finish.  Allyson felt that working with Margaret really improved her essay answers. Margaret also focused on the test format, scoring rubrics and test taking strategies, which really helped Allyson go into the test with confidence.  

Christel B Conlin, Concord, MA

I'm so sorry that I forgot to let you know how well our daughter did on her SAT.  Only when I wrote myself a note to contact you about the literature (and maybe French?) subject test did I realize. Math 700, Reading 730, Writing 750.  I did try to get her to sign up for the May test and give it one more try, but she is happy with those scores.  She does need to take one more subject test and I'm reasonably certain that it will be the Literature test, though still considering the French test.  We are really just looking for 4 sessions if that's possible.   Given how much our daughter is able to accomplish with your tutors, I absolutely think four sessions would be worthwhile, even though less than ideal. Please let me know if there's anyone available!

A Winchester parent
email address available upon request

Now that our son has successfully completed yet another semester, I would like to thank you for all you've contributed towards this accomplishment. I know that you often went the extra step for us and I am extremely grateful. I know that we would not be where we are today, were it not for Lexington Tutoring!

I wish you a lovely summer and thank you again for the excellent service,
Therese von Rickenbach, Lexington, MA


Thanks so much.  Max has really enjoyed having Gina come over.  He respects her and is motivated to do what she asks (most of the time). He was very proud of the bottled water essay she helped him with.  I think that she is helping him develop confidence as a writer, and we would like to continue for the rest of the year if that's ok with Gina.

Thank you,
Asha Nigh, Concord, MA

I had a good close out session with Nevin on Saturday and feel much more confident heading into the GRE this Friday. Nevin is exceptionally well rounded in all subject areas, has a terrific depth of knowledge regarding standardized test construct and is very effective at developing personalized preparation and test taking strategies. He was a joy to work with, very amicable, good sense of humor and very professional.

Thank you,
Jonathan Cash, Concord, MA


I would like to thank you for the great work you did.  Our family appreciates that you were able to offer help on a very short notice and Margaret had been a great resource for our daughter in her SAT II Biology preparation. Margaret was professional, knowledgeable and encouraging to her throughout. We also appreciate the session summary emails very much as they kept us, the parents, updated of the progress.  We would definitely consider Lexington Tutoring again if we have any future needs.


We just got our daughter's SAT biology subject score--740! We are just thrilled and wanted you be the first one to know. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement throughout the whole time. We cannot say enough to thank you.

Arlington parents
email address available upon request


Our daughter got her SAT results from her test in Jan.  She got 2060 total, a good improvement over her PSAT.  She made very good improvement on math, as she got 710 (up from below 600 in her PSAT).  

My family really appreciates your dedication to the work, and your patience and kindness towards our daughter. She applied a lot of the strategies you gave her and they seemed to work well in her test. It's a great pleasure knowing you and thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,
Arlington parents
email address available upon request


Thanks again to Nevin who has given our daughter the guidance and fine tuning she needed. We think you guys are the best and have the knowledge to tutor kids. 

Thanks again!
Silpa & Amar Gurivireddygari, Shrewsbury


I just wanted to let you know that I passed my writing MTEL. I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you did. I know it was a tag team effort but I truly wouldn't have accomplished this without your help. You are an incredible teacher and your students are very lucky to have you. I'm in soccer season now but will be looking into MTELs after season is over. I will contact you once I decide what I'm going to do. If I decide to go for Foundations of Reading, I'm interested in working with you again. I will be in touch but honestly thank you so much again. You really made a difference with me and I hope you take satisfaction in knowing that ( if not you really should).

Kaitlin O'Malley, Keene State College, Keene, NH,


Josh was great to work with. He gave me great MTEL testing tips and techniques. He helped me set forth an action plan for test day that helped to ease my nerves. Josh was very helpful with reviewing the material needed for the exam and knew of some other great resources online that helped to study. Overall, he was very easy to work with and made me feel more comfortable with the material I was looking at. 

Becca Friedman, Boston University


Thanks for all your help this summer! I passed all three MTELS first time with no problem. Even the written part was very good, except for the sentence correction. Thanks so much! I would not have been able to do it without you.

Michael Tucker, New England Conservatory of Music


I wanted to thank you and Lexington Tutoring, in particular Michael Cappillino, for the invaluable assistance provided to our twin children with SAT Prep, Honors Physics and AP Chemistry in their high school junior year. My son's and daughter's SAT scores improved significantly. My son did very well on the Chemistry Subject SAT. As I stated on the phone today, I was cleaning out some files and realized that I never thanked you properly. We really were grateful for your help in our 13 month college admission journey times 2 !!

A Medford parent
email address available upon request


We are really impressed with the SAT prep our daughter did with Gina Moran.  Gina is terrific, and we are grateful that she is available to now prepare her for the ACT.

A Cambridge parent
email address available upon request

Phew!  (I don't know why I am saying "phew" as I did none of the work, but it seems like a huge relief to have tests over for now.)

Gina, you are terrific.  I know that our daughter enjoyed working with you, and her confidence and performance were greatly improved as a result of your guidance.  Thank you! She will send you her scores when she gets them.

Thanks so much,
A Cambridge parent
email address available upon request

I cannot thank you enough for helping our daughter successfully pass statistics at Northeastern University. As you know, she was several weeks into her last semester before graduation with honors, when we contacted you. She had received an F and a D- on her first quiz and test. Things were not looking good, and my daughter had lost confidence as a student, and was very distressed by the prospect of not graduating. Her parents were also distressed at what was unfolding before us; the possibility of paying for an additional semester if our daughter flunked her course and witnessing our daughter become saddened by the prospect.  It was a dire situation.

We appreciate how quickly you were able to match my daughter with the right tutor. Your experience with assisting parents and students who are having difficulties is invaluable and immediately helped me to feel hopeful that with Alicia's and your guidance, graduation would indeed happen. Your assessment of the situation and guidance on how best to prepare our daughter was accurate. 

And my daughter and I cannot thank Alicia enough for her skill at teaching statistics calmly, and actually, making the tutoring sessions enjoyable! Not an easy task. After her first session with Alicia, my daughter called and seemed relaxed and upbeat. She enjoyed working with Alicia and was comfortable spending two hours a session studying in a subject she was truly not prepared for. She not only passed statistics, but maintained her honors standing. Alicia’s calm, friendly personality, and her ability to understand her student, was a perfect match for our daughter. My husband and I also appreciated the detailed summary which was emailed to us after each tutoring session. Alicia took the time to write about what was covered, how our daughter understood the subject and her plan for future sessions. These summaries were unexpected, but greatly appreciated and show the level of professionalism at Lexington Tutoring.

I highly recommend Alicia as a teacher, as she was able to guide my daughter, under pressure of time, to comprehend a difficult subject, and gave her back her confidence in her ability to achieve the knowledge she needed. This was invaluable. Thank you so much for your support and for quickly getting tutoring under way in our urgent situation.

Best Wishes,
Marilyn Yeomans
Sunnyvale, California

Happy Holidays!! I just wanted to let you know that Chris passed his Earth Science MTEL!! This nightmare is over. Thank you so much. Well worth the money. 

Vanessa and Chris Phelon
Malden, MA

Thank you so very much for the thoughtful and detailed report on your last session. We are very fortunate to have Mike who is so astute in observing our daughter and effective in helping her. We are deeply appreciative.

A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

I would like to say that it has truly been a pleasure working with Alicia. It is clear that she is not only a great tutor, but a kind and understanding human being as well. I would recommend her to any of my friends struggling with the course. She is bright, and knows the material very well. Most importantly, you can tell from the moment you start working with her that she is truly invested in you doing well, and is extremely dedicated to helping you. I wish her all the best and hope she sees success in all her endeavors.

Thank you!

Morad Aryeh
Boston University, Boston

I am delighted to provide a very positive endorsement for Lexington Tutoring for the excellent support that our son Wesley received from Sarah Hughes. When I first contacted Lexington Tutoring early in 2012, I had a very detailed discussion with Nora. As I explained the situation regarding our son's study habits and the difficulties he was having midway through his junior year, Nora listened and commented with complete understanding of the circumstances. We agreed that Sarah Hughes would be a good match and indeed she was.

At first our son was reluctant to engage with a 'tutor', but as he and we saw the positive results of their collaboration he asked to continue. He excelled in his school work for the remainder of the year - this was the result of Sarah's coaching, setting up a calendar, reviewing his essays and overall working with him on 'excellence.' Homework coaching is effective because it teaches the student to really focus on what the teacher is asking for via-a-vis subject matter. We had her continue with coaching him for the standard college entrance exams, the ACT and the SAT and we are delighted to report that Wesley achieved a near perfect score in the ACT and in the 700's on the SAT's.

This was a marked improvement on his scores prior to his coaching. We can't help but feel that his work with Sarah and Lexington Tutoring aided him greatly in his achievement. I would highly recommend working with Lexington Tutoring if your child is experiencing challenges in his academic work.

A Burlington parent
email address available upon request


I wanted to add just 1 more achievement of Wesley to top off the wonderful 'roll' he has had since his tutoring by Sarah last year. Wesley was accepted to Tufts University on an early decision application and of course, he will be attending Tufts this fall. Since you are 'on top' of the college admissions process, I'm sure you are aware that Tufts is ranked #28 in the US News and World report rankings of National Universities and this year the selectivity was the highest in the history of the university with less than 20% acceptance from a very competitive pool of applicants.

We are proud of Wesley and as equally pleased with how your program of tutoring helped him achieve his potential that we knew was always in him.

In gratitude,

A Burlington parent
email address available upon request

As always, we appreciate the feedback from our tutor and think she is doing a wonderful job. It has allowed us to step back and enjoy our son more instead of consistently getting into battles with him over homework and test scores. Also, his self esteem has improved which is really nice to see.

Thank you for calling out our son on poor study habits like randomly guessing. He needs the guidance and I think if it comes from you it has more of an impact than if it always comes from us.

A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I PASSED my Foundations of Reading MTEL test! YAY!!! I can't thank you enough for making the time to meet with me at the Northborough and Marlborough public libraries, helping me to improve my test taking skills, and increasing my knowledge on the Foundations of Reading subject matter. With your help I went into the test on May 8th with a lot of confidence and was able to improve my score. I was so happy when I found out today, and wanted to thank you right away for all of your help. It is because of you that I am now able to get my teaching license, and go out into the real world and start my professional job as a special education teacher. Again, I can't thank you enough for all you have done; you have really made a difference in my life. Hope all is well with you!

I would be happy to allow you to put up my e-mail on your website. I want everyone to see how great Lexington Tutoring is, and everything it has done for me. Thanks again for everything!

Kaitlyn Graham
Paxton, MA

I know I've thanked you in person, but I wanted to offer an official email thank you for all your work with our son over the year. Your help has been invaluable, and it was particularly helpful that you were flexible about being able to coach a variety of material. My husband and I appreciate your time and dedication.

As a quick update,we thought you would be interested to know that our son did well on his history project (website). He got an A- and was therefore eligible to participate in the sophomore class history project competition to be judged this week.

Thanks again!
A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

I just wanted to thank you so much for the tutoring help that you provided to me. I passed my MTEL Biology test and am now licensed!! This achievement will broaden many career opportunities for me as a science educator! Thanks again! Have a wonderful summer!

Chantal Meserve
Hudson, MA

I just want to say that I am very pleased with Nevin. He's a very knowledgeable and kind person. The way he teaches makes chemistry more enjoyable. Could you please let Nevin know how much I appreciated his time, patience and kindness and that I learned a lot with him?

Giselle Kiefor
Watertown, MA

Lexington Tutoring and Nevin Katz in particular have been fantastic. They have been very flexible with scheduling and Nevin explains the Biology AP material incredibly well.

Bob Walmsley
Weston, MA

I am extremely pleased with Lexington Tutoring’s services. As I am not much of a test taker, this tutoring service helped me gain the confidence as well as test taking skills to pass both Communication and Literacy MTELS.

Thank you so much for all of your help!
Laura Levin, Hingham MA

This has been a positive experience for our daughter.  Mike is outstanding.  I fully expect that we will have him back if our daughter prepares to take the SAT again, or from time to time to assist with preparing for math finals.

A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lexington Tutoring for doing such a great job helping a number of our executives on-site to improve our English skills. Your clients here are highly educated, multi-lingual professionals. We are very satisfied with your patient, good-humored instruction.

The Lexington Tutoring method is very effective and thoroughly enjoyable. Combined with your personal attention, this approach continues to help us to improve our writing and speaking skills. Lexington Tutoring’s supporting Internet and customized flashcard materials are first-class. Your methods are modern and efficient. I appreciate that you have paced my sessions to match my learning speed and skill.

My own skills have grown astronomically since I began working with you last year, particularly my pronunciation, my understanding of idioms and my use of verb forms. Thank you again for doing such a good job with us. I would be happy to recommend you to your future clients.

Please feel free to post this letter on your website. Your clients are welcome to contact me at ivonnics@yahoo.com for further information about our level of satisfaction with Lexington Tutoring’s ESL services.

José Luis Martinez
Electronics Engineer (Universidad Simón Bolívar)
Master in Finance (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración)
Framingham, MA

Gina is an asset to your organization and we would like to extend our sincere thanks to her for her high quality work with Evan at this critical time in his academic life.


Thank you,
Elaine M. Gabovitch, MPA, Lexington, MA
Director of Family & Community Partnerships
Instructor in Family Medicine & Community Health
LEND Family Faculty
UMass Medical School/E.K. Shriver Center
465 Medford Street, Suite 500
Charlestown, MA 02129

I enjoyed my work with Matthew Ghofrani. He was a great help to me.  He is one of the most patient and kind people that I have met in a while. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me with statistics and differential equations.  Thank you very much for your quick responses and professionalism as well.  I had a very positive experience with Lexington Tutoring and I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to a friend if they were in need of a tutor.

Good luck with everything and thanks again,
Gregg Kelly

Thank you again for your time and commitment in working with our son on his AP Physics B class and SAT prep. I am sure he learned a great deal about hard work this year. His excellent grades not only reflect the physics knowledge he gained but also what can be achieved with perseverance. Thank you for helping him achieve this life lesson.

Kind Regards,
Belmont parent of an AP Physics B and SAT prep student-- email address available upon request

Got my scores back! Happy to report I improved in all areas. Here they are,

  • Critical Reading: 740 (up from 680)
  • Math: 700 (up from 680)
  • Writing: 610 (up from 540)
  • Essay: 8 (up from 6)

It was great to see that our hard work paid off in some solid improvement. I would like to thank you for helping me out during the year both in Physics and with SAT. You're a great tutor, great guy, and clearly you know how to produce results.

Thanks again,
AP Physics B and SAT prep student--son of above Belmont parent-- email address available upon request

Steve, as you were a bit concerned about this last chem test, I'd like to let you know that Tomas got a 94!! He's ecstatic! That hero thing is happening again....... Seriously, though, I have to let you - and you, Nora, - know what an outstanding tutor you are, Steve. Tomas is now working with two other tutors this year for math and the SATs and he feels you are, by far, the most committed and the one most able to get him to understand the material and help him with study skills. Maybe we'll end up homeschooling him with you fulltime....

Thanks for all your great effort,
Therese Von Rickenbach
Lexington, MA

Thank you Nora and Stephanie for all your assistance. We believe Rebecca is on track and will continue to succeed. We will not hesitate to contact you again if the need arises in any subject material. Please feel free to use us as a reference as well. We have been 100% satisfied with the results. Stephanie is a nice person who gained Becca's trust very quickly. Stephanie was able to reach her in a way that neither myself, my husband nor her 8 and 7th grade teachers could so we appreciate all the help.

Thanks again,
Kelly & Matt Lanefski
Framingham, MA

Thank you so much for all you have done to help Demakis get this far. Undoubtedly, without your help and support, it is unlikely we would have seen the improvements he has made or that he would be graduating at this time. I hope that your schedule will permit you to join us for this momentous occasion in Demakis' life.

Thanks for everything. We hope you will continue to keep in touch with Demakis. Who knows - you may not have seen the last of him! :-)

Pam & Willie Jones
Roxbury, MA

Many thanks to you for working so well with Demakis over these past months. We appreciate the support and encouragement which you have given to Demakis. I know he has enjoyed working with you and has become much more comfortable and confident with his Spanish.

Pam & Willie Jones
Roxbury, MA

Thank you so much for all of your help [SAT and SAT II Math Prep] with Anne and Scott. You have a winning manner with them and they appreciate your keen intellect and genuine concern (as do I).

Lesley Osborn
Weston, MA

Our son has gotten off on the right foot in school so far this year. He is consistently coming home, organizing his work, and getting after it. He is also thinking ahead about his homework every day, which incentivizes him to do more work in his free period at school and with you. Next week is a big week with a Spanish test, a math test and another science quiz and test. He seems very happy about the arrangement and likes working with you.

Two years later, just before high school graduation: Thanks so much for everything. I am happy to be a referral for Lexington Tutoring anytime. You've made a real difference for Curt.

Beth Myers
Brookline, MA

Thanks for such a complete report on Jorge's progress. I am very happy he is doing so well. This intensive 4-week ESL program has been wonderful for him.

Thank you,
Lucia Gonzalez Urien
Arlington, MA

April, 2009: We have just gotten back from taking Chris to University of New Haven. He took the math placement test at the University of New Haven Friday morning. Last time he placed in Algebra and hoped this time to get into Pre-calculus. He actually did so well that he was placed into Calculus. We and he were very pleased because it helps him to be able to take more programming classes sooner and not be behind or have to take a summer session to catch up.

Thank you so much for the work you did with him. It was a great lesson for him to see how well he could do with work.

Thank you again and let us know if we can give feedback and recommendations to other parents.

Anne , Dana and Chris Burns
Burlington, MA

Update--September, 2013: Hope all is well with you. We would always be happy to give a glowing recommendation to your company for all the assistance it has provided.

I just wanted to let you know that our son graduated with a double major in Management and Marketing from Lasell College. He got an internship at at a major technology firm before he even graduated and is starting another job at there in a week. He also did an internship with Mike and marketed his law practice for a semester. We  just saw Mike and his family for a cookout as they were not able to come to Chris's graduation party.

And our daughter is in her 2nd year of grad school in Georgia, working on her thesis and masters degree in Biology.

Anne , Dana and Chris Burns
Burlington, MA

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Nora Mantell who worked as a tutor for our son during the 2006-2007 school year. Our challenge was to find someone not only academically qualified to teach these subjects, but also someone who had a knack for communicating in easy-to-learn and novel ways that would appeal to a high school senior. Within a day after we submitted our inquiry to Nora, she called us. This was the first of many positive experiences.

Nora helped our son with specific tutoring in his class work and with general organizational skills and study skills. She is an extremely competent tutor. We were very satisfied with her skills, creativity, reliability and attention to detail. But more importantly, Nora took a strong personal interest in Alex and worked very hard to instill confidence in him.

Nora has our highest professional recommendation for her tutoring skills and our highest personal recommendation because she is a wonderful person. She shows initiative and creativity in tutoring.

Len Spector
Stoneham, MA

My son worked with Nora from March of the 2004-2005 school year until April of 2007. He was in the seventh grade when they began.

His progress has been amazing. He went from bringing home some failing grades to consistently bringing home A’s and B’s on projects and essays. My son makes very good use of the flashcards and games they created together. They have been a useful tool for studying for tests.

In addition to the twice a week schedule of meeting there were emails and telephone support. She guided my son and helped him think assignments through. She is an asset and has improved our lives greatly. I see my son's self esteem improving as a result. I believe that Nora is a wonderfully patient and effective tutor.

A Burlington, Massachusetts parent

I worked as a teacher with Nora for many years. I have enormous respect for her, as did her other colleagues at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School. She has many students who have kept in touch with her because of their appreciation of her teaching. Nora was very creative, so that the students not only learned a lot, but enjoyed her classes.

She was one of the first teachers at the school to use technology extensively (computers, videotape) in an interesting way, and is very experienced with computers. She is patient, enthusiastic, and good at getting ideas across. (She also has a great sense of humor.) I recommend Nora very highly. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Patti Batchelder
Groveland, Massachusetts

I am thrilled to hear that you are still teaching.I enjoyed your class immensely as I know your students now do! You were my favorite teacher of all time. I so enjoyed your class and the way that you brought learning to life for me. You have such a gift to teach us to believe in ourselves that we all have a voice to be heard.

I truly believe your students today see the joy in your eyes when you realize they found their confidence.... It's what I saw when I wrote a simple poem for my Dad as an assignment and received your feedback (an "A" I might add). You understood this piece I wrote, understood how sad I was but wanting my Dad to enjoy his life without regret. I cannot express how poignant that moment was for me, it has stayed with me ever since. It warms my heart just thinking of it now.

Take care and all the best to you!!

Cheryl Duquette
Bridgewater, Massachusetts

I never got a chance to thank you for all that you have done for me this past school year. You truly could not have done a better job. You taught me how to use my mind in different ways and showed me techniques that will be very useful for my future.

Thank you!

Alex Malkki
Stoneham, MA

You provided me with encouragement, support and a feeling of pride in myself where until that point there had been very little. Thank you again Ms. Mantell, for all you did. I hope this note finds you well and that you will remain doing the important work you do of inspiring young men and women for many years. I consider myself fortunate to be able to say that Ms. Mantell was once my teacher.

With great respect and affection,
James Nelson, Bridgewater

My son and I are both former students of Nora's. I am delighted that we have both had the opportunity to learn from such a dynamic and highly skilled teacher. Nora's teaching style is engaging and creative. She has the unique ability to approach any topic in innovative ways so as to make it appealing and exciting to even the most reluctant of students.

Sonia D'Alarcao
Director of Professional Development & Training
Brockton Area Multi-Services, Inc.
Brockton, MA

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Nora Mantell at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School for five years. Nora was one of our most effective English teachers. She is a passionate wordsmith and a highly successful instructor. Her students consistently scored well on MCAS and SAT tests, no doubt a result of her high standards for both them and herself.

Her proven record of success makes her an excellent person to choose for tutoring or remedial help in ELA. She will deliver what she promises with skill and efficiency.

Geraldine Benedict
English Department Head
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School

Hello Ms. Mantell,

Are you not a little young to be retiring from teaching at the high school?? You were by far one of my favorite teachers.

I am a professional musician (bassoon). I received a bachelor's degree from University of Lowell in Woodwind Performance and a Master's degree from Boston University in Woodwind Performance. I currently teach bassoon and oboe. I also free-lance all over playing sometimes with Boston Lyric Opera, National Lyric Opera and many shows at many different regional theaters. I am also the personnel manager of the New England Philharmonic Orchestra in residence at Simmons College.

Katherine McWilliams, Wellesley

Dear Ms. Mantell,

My primary reason for writing this brief note is to express my most sincere gratitude for all you did as an educator.

You challenged your students tremendously and you facilitated quality completion of all assignments. Thank you for all that you have done. You truly made a major difference in my life.

Gerard F. Meyers, Ohio

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