Concierge tutoring

We have very good success with our concierge tutoring approach when

  • requested services fall outside of the scope of our regular services
  • our regular sessions and reports do not fully address a studentís needs
  • we are given the discretion to extend sessions, if needed
  • requested support services involve frequent consultations with our students' physician teams or Lexington Tutoring's partner physician organizations working on behalf of their students
  • the number of sessions needed per week warrants a team approach

Concierge Tutoring is ideal for students who

  • are enrolled in the care of various physician teams or Lexington Tutoring's partner physician organizations
  • have poor executive function skills due to their psychiatric state or specific disabilities
  • have the involvement of caring loved ones

With concierge tutoring, we

  • dig deeper with goal-setting, critical thinking, cultural awareness and emotional intelligence
  • help our students make college and career choices
  • develop our studentsí time management and organizational skills, striving to reducing stress while smoothing their educational trajectories
  • help our students to reach academic milestones and feel good about themselves in the process on a more intensive, customized level
  • help with registering for classes, ordering books, exploring careers, registering and preparing for the SATs, SAT IIs, MTELS and/or GREs and we find myriad other ways to ease the stress of our students' academic lives
  • help our students' physicians better care for their patients by providing detailed reports to the treatment team, calling physicians when necessary, providing feedback and closing the communication loop
  • work with students toward the goal of reducing their performance driven anxieties and depression associated with academics, directly addressing symptoms while their physicians treat root-causes specific to the individual

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