College and Grad School FAQs

How does Lexington Tutoring differ from other tutoring services in the area?

If you have only a moderate level of need, your university can probably help you to find a student on your campus who will provide tutoring. If, however, you find that you are confronting a more substantial challenge, our tutors can offer high caliber support.

Our tutors are scientists, mathematicians and educators who are academic high achievers with real world experience in their current professions. We are not a sign-up list for recent graduates filling in while they seek employment. Our tutors are successful professionals actively working in the fields that they tutor.

How does college-level homework coaching work?

If support is needed in more than one subject and time management/organizational support is also needed, your tutor can provide what we call homework coaching. In two or three weekly sessions your tutor will work with you on whatever is due. The method by which you work will be determined as you and your tutor assess your present skills and your time management strategies. The tutor will provide an emailed weekly report.

Following these sessions, after completing any remaining assignments, your tutor may ask you to email copies of your completed papers/assignments to him/her.

On the weekdays when you are not scheduled to meet, for each class upon which you are focusing in your sessions, it is sometimes effective for your tutor to ask you to phone or text him/her and to briefly convey what was covered in classes that day, what assignments were given, what long range assignments were discussed and what handouts were distributed. Then, if possible, you might be asked to email to your tutor scans of any handouts (especially assignment sheets for major assignments) and the URLs for any major assignments your professors have posted online.

These are all strategies used by our tutors, some or all of which might be ones you’d them to deploy with you.

I have difficulty keeping track of assignment and project due dates. What do you recommend?

Many of our tutors' students have found that slip-ups in tracking assignments and projects can present a real obstacle to their success. Our tutors' organizational coaching helps students with attention-related concerns and/or executive functioning issues to manage daily challenges, such as prioritizing time, connecting actions to outcomes, and planning ahead.

Our homework coaches have found that Google Calendar-- a creative, unique, free online time-management tool--can help ameliorate this problem. Our tutors (and, sometimes, their parents or members of their support team) also have access to these calendars, and can facilitate the system or make notes and suggestions where appropriate.

Are any of your tutors learning disabilities specialists?

Yes, four of our tutors are learning disabilities specialists. Four others have substantial experience with students who have learning disabilities. All have deep skill sets across the curriculum. They offer substantial, knowledgeable academic support in math, science, history, language arts and test prep in addition to working with their students to increase their conscious awareness of the various strategies available in their own academic situations and how to choose the ones that will be optimal.

What support do you offer in addition to face-to-face sessions?

We provide a weekly report to each student. This is our vehicle for communicating the bigger picture to you and to your support team. The report details what tests or quizzes are coming up, how long range assignments are to be chunked and managed, what difficulties are persisting and what victories can be declared. The contents of the report are what the tutor feels you need to internalize in order to eventually be your own coach. For twice-weekly sessions, the report usually requires 30 minutes of the tutor's time. For once-weekly sessions, the report usually requires 20 minutes of the tutor's time. We prorate the tutor's emailed weekly report at our support services rate (usually $60 per hour).

Our tutors offer the following optional support services. We prorate the time your tutor spends on any optional support services you request at our support services rate and itemize these services on your weekly invoice.

  • In order to foster consistency and responsibility, your tutor can provide brief, daily support, direction and feedback to you via telephone and email if requested. These homework check-ins can be very helpful to students who have difficulty with executive functions.
  • If requested, your tutor will email your professors and/or advisors for clarification of assignments, feedback on your progress, information on make-up work owed, etc.
  • Please note that we invoice time spent on email and telephone communications from parents to tutors and from tutors to parents as support services.
  • Most of our tutors are available to attend support team meetings. On behalf of your tutor, we invoice attendance at meetings within 8 miles of Lexington at your tutor's session rate. Your tutor will add a travel surcharge when such meetings are farther afield.
  • Prearranged, prepaid, scheduled Skype video or FaceTime sessions can supplement homework coaching sessions. Supplementary homework coaching by Skype video or FaceTime is invoiced at your session rate.

What resources do you recommend for getting started with the college application process?

High school students can sign up on this free site to accrue incremental scholarships from about 100 participating institutions, including Oberlin, Temple University and soon, the University of Iowa.

We recommend this New York Times blog to those who could use some help understanding how to apply to college and how to pay for it, and this NY Times article: How to Write a Good College Application Essay

“Is an elite college worth the price of admission?” According to this New York Times article, for business and humanities majors, yes, but for science and technology majors, not so much.

We also recommend reading “What You Don’t Know About Financial Aid (but Should)” and “Questions About Financial Aid?”

According to this NY Times article, for well-qualified students, getting into a good college isn’t any more difficult than it was generations ago.

Where do your tutors provide services?

At least until the summer of 2021, all of our sessions will be online: Skype Video, Zoom or FaceTime. Normally, our college tutors offer office and university/public library visits throughout Metro West and, sometimes, farther afield with a travel surcharge.

Do your tutors offer MTEL prep?

Yes, our MTEL tutors can help you to raise your MTEL scores, minimize your MTEL prep time and maximize your results. Please see this page of our website for more information about our MTEL prep, a list of the MTELs our tutors cover and our tutors' MTEL FAQs.

Do you offer GRE prep?

Yes. Please see this page of our website for more information about our GRE prep tutors and their GRE FAQs.

Do you offer Praxis prep?

Yes, two of our tutors offer preparation for the Praxis I and most of the Praxis II English Language Arts and Social Studies exams. Please see this page of our website for more information about our Praxis prep and our Praxis FAQs.

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Nick Glabicky, MS

  • AP Biology teacher at Wrentham High School
  • MS, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY--GPA: 3.24
  • BA, Biology & Psychology, minor in Animal Behavior--GPA: 3.97
  • Dean’s Scholarship (2006-2010)
  • Canisius College Earning Excellence Program (CEEP) recipient (2007-2010)
  • Excellence in Animal Behavior Research Award (2010)
  • Tutors college anatomy, cell & molecular biology, ecology & evolution, environmental biology, genetics, marine biology, natural science, zoology & science courses leading to a degree in psych or biology
  • Prep provider for the Biology (13) MTEL
  • Teacher of the Year, King Philip High School (2016)--Much lauded for his ability to inspire and motivate his students
  • Coaches basketball, runs a game club, and runs the ornithological club at Wrentham High

Joe Jonas, MS

  • Acoustical Engineer at Bose in Framingham, where he develops loudspeakers for use in next-generation headsets, soundbars, and automobiles
  • BS & MS, Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University –GPA 3.96
    • tutored thermodynamics for two semesters
    • received Lehigh's prestigious Presidential Scholar award
    • graduated with high honors in only seven semesters
  • Tutors college calculus, physics & math courses leading to a degree in mechanical engineering
  • An inquisitive guy who loves to explain concepts that he understands, as well as figure out material that is yet-to-be understood, Joe is great at breaking down advanced concepts and making them easier to learn and digest
  • Lead Mechanical and Thermal engineer on cross-functional design team of “Callisto” and “Santa Cruz” series audio amplifiers, first used in premium General Motors and Mazda automotive sound systems
  • Invented new Monte Carlo simulation tool using MATLAB to determine optimal thermal pad thickness in new amplifier designs amidst several conflicting design goals
  • Thesis Research utilized Computational Fluid Dynamics software ANSYS FLUENT to analyze and make efficiency predictions for portable hydro-turbine design concepts for the Office of Naval Research
  • Introductory-level six sigma certification “Yellow Belt” obtained at Bose, General Electric and Merck
  • Foundational knowledge of statistical process control, DMAIC problem solving, standardized work, and methodical waste-elimination
  • Rock climber, hiker, runner, weightlifter, skier, Diamond league Starcraft player

Kelly Vodola, BS

  • Professional service provider for the Health and Life Sciences industry
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, minor in Spanish, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with honors and high distinction
    • Tau Beta Pi
    • Omega Chi Epsilon
    • orientation leader and the New Member Educator for Alpha Xi Delta
    • Undergraduate Enrollment Services intern for Admissions, helping to produce videos, website updates, and digital media for prospective students
    • selected as a WPI President’s Award finalist for her Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) in Costa Rica
  • Post graduation--volunteered at the New Day Center of Norwalk and taught adults in a Spanish-speaking community how to read, write, and speak in English in a small group setting
  • Tutors college organic Chemistry I, Heat Transfer, Unit Operations, Introduction to Biological Engineering
  • Tutors pre-algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, trigonometry, precalculus, chemistry;  standard levels of biology & social studies, physics; English; Spanish all levels; homework coaching, writing coaching, including lab/technical writing and executive function coaching
  • Provides writing coaching, homework coaching & executive function/time-management/organizational support
  • Conversant with: Maple, Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), Mathcad, Comsol, Aloha, Aspen, AERSCRN, Water9, AutoCAD & Benchling  

Dr. Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT

  • Pediatric physical therapist
  • DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) from MGH Institute of Health Professions, 3.9/4.0 GPA
  • BA in Mathematics with a minor in Education Studies from Colorado College, 3.9/4.0 GPA, magna cum laude
  • Honors:
    • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
    • Sophie Germain Award in Mathematics and Computer Science, ETS
    • Recognition of Excellence in Mathematics: Content Knowledge
  • Mathematics Courses:
    • Calculus II
    • Calculus III
    • Linear Algebra
    • Number Theory
    • Geometry
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Abstract Algebra I
    • Abstract Algebra II
    • Mathematical Analysis I
    • Real Analysis II
    • Measure Theory
  • GRE prep provider
  • Provides homework coaching, writing coaching, including lab/technical writing; executive function coaching & time management support
  • At the college level, tutors physics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, psychology, statistics, anatomy & physiology, exercise physiology, calculus, linear algebra & courses leading to a degree in physical therapy
  • Certifications & licenses:
    • Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Physical Therapist License
    • Massachusetts Board of Allied Health Professionals, Physical Therapist License
    • Wilderness Medical Associates International, First Responder certificate
    • American Heart Association, BLS (basic life support certification) for Health Care Providers
  • Professional memberships:
    • The American Physical Therapy Association
    • the Professional Ski Instructors of America--Alpine Level 2, Children’s Specialist 2 & Adaptive Level 1 (Cognitive & Visual Impairments

Nevin Katz, MEd

  • Technical Project Director at EDC in Waltham
  • MEd, Harvard University
  • BA, Swarthmore College--Biology, with additional work in Chemistry
  • Author & illustrator of the Dr. Birdley Teaches Science series, a nationally published set of teacher resource books for secondary school classrooms.
  • 8 years of experience teaching at the secondary level
  • Tutors biology, chemistry, physics & calculus, provides writing coaching & tutors web design & front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Adobe Tools--Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign & Photoshop)
  • At the college level, tutors biology, chemistry, physics, calculus, writing coaching, web design & front-end web development (HTML, CSS, Adobe Tools--Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign & Photoshop) and provides homework coaching, writing coaching, including lab/technical writing, executive function coaching & time management support
  • Miller Analogies Test prep
  • MTEL prep:
    • Biology(13)
    • Earth Science(14)
    • General Science(01)
    • Physics(11)
    • Chemistry(12)
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest
    • Mathematics (Middle School) (47)
    • Mathematics, grades 8-12, (09)
  • GRE prep:
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certifications: Biology, Grades 5-12

Julianna White, BS

  • Life science & engineering consultant, Azzure Group
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University
    • Recipient of GE’s top Co-Op Award
    • Service-Learning teaching assistant
    • Co-founded & implemented a social media platform in two Communications courses
  • Post graduation--worked with the Assistant Dean of the College of Arts, Media, & Design to introduce a personalized education class at Northeastern
  • Newton Country Day school alumnus
  • Tutors prealgebra, algebra 1 & 2, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, linear algebra; physics (w/ & w/o calculus), chemistry—all levels; standard levels of biology & earth science; front-end web development (HTML, CSS, & Javascript)
  • Provides writing coaching, homework coaching & executive function/time-management/organizational support
  • Conversant with: MatLab, AutoCAD, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Aspen, Snapgene, Microsoft Office Suite, & Adobe Photoshop
  • Prior to working with Lexington Tutoring
    • 1 year at Newton Country Day School teaching 8th Grade introductory Physics & Chemistry, 10th Grade independent research & 6th grade math
    • 3 years of tutoring pre-algebra, algebra, precalculus, calculus, physics (mechanics) & chemistry
    • 2 years at University of Michigan as a member of the Michigan Diabetes Research Center Molecular Genetics Core group6 years working with Massachusetts HOBY, Boston, now as Program Committee Member & Seminar Facilitator

Josh Sanford, MEd

  • Learning disabilities faculty at a metro west school
  • MEd, Lesley Unversity--Students with Moderate Disabilities
  • BA, Bates College--Classical & Medieval Studies with a secondary concentration in Educational Studies
  • 15 years of experience in working in Special Education
  • At the college level, tutors courses required for LD degrees & Classical & Medieval Studies
  • MTEL prep provider for
    • Communication & Literacy Skills (01): Reading Subtest; Writing Subtest
    • General Curriculum (03): Multi-Subject Subtest Multiple-Choice Question Analyses; Mathematics Subtest
    • Foundations of Reading (90)
    • Mathematics (Elementary School) (53)
    • Middle School Humanities (English/History)
    • English (07)
    • History (06)
  • Provides homework coaching, writing coaching, including lab/technical writing; executive function coaching & time management support
  • Experienced at designing individualized instruction & at identifying the learning styles & strengths of his students, including those with executive function disorders, ADD, ADHD, selective mutism, mood disorders & emotional disabilities
  • Massachusetts Educator’s certification: Special Education – Moderate 5-12

Courtney Cooper, MEd & MS

  • MEd--American International College
  • MS--University of New England--Literacy
  • BA --Wheelock College--Human Development
  • At the college level, tutors courses leading to a degree in human development & literacy, language arts, history, human development & psychology at the college level
  • Provides homework coaching, writing coaching & executive function/time-management/organizational support
  • MTEL prep provider:
    • Foundations of Reading (90)
    • Communication & Literacy Skills (01): Reading Subtest & Writing Subtest
    • General Curriculum (03): Mathematics Subtest; Multi-subject Subtest
    • Early Childhood (02)
    • English (07)
    • Reading Specialist (08)
    • ESL (54)
  • Praxis prep provider
  • GRE prep provider

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