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Should I take SAT II tests?

Most four-year colleges in the United States and colleges in more than 60 other countries give students credit, advanced placement or both on the basis of SAT II scores.

Your tutor can help you master subject-specific content, strengthen your testing skills, and learn proven score-boosting techniques.

Performing well on SAT II tests will demonstrate your ability to handle college-level coursework, which could help you stand out later in the admissions process when colleges are separating acceptance letters from waitlist notices.

What is the best time to take the SAT II Subject Tests which parallel the AP exams I'm going to take?

The SAT II Subject Tests are offered 6 times a year in the United States and at international sites. Students can take one, two, or three tests on a single test date. The best time to take an SAT II Subject Test is right after youíve finished a year-long class in that subject. If, for example, you take U.S. History in eleventh grade, then you should take the SAT II U.S. History near the end of that year, when the material is still fresh in your mind. (This rule does not apply for the Writing, Literature, and Foreign Language SAT II tests; itís best to take those after youíve had as much study in the area as possible.) Unless the colleges you are applying to use the SAT Subject tests for placement purposes, there is no point in taking any SAT Subject tests after November of your senior year, since you wonít get your scores back from ETS until after the college application deadline has passed.

How do the AP exams differ from the SAT II Subject Tests?

Except for Studio Art and Music Theory, all AP exams have multiple-choice questions and an essay or problem solving section. All SAT subject tests have multiple-choice questions with no essays. Both tests can be retaken, but the AP exams are only given once a year in May, while most SAT subject tests are given throughout the year. Colleges will see all your scores, but most will use only your highest on each test.

For which SAT II testa do your tutors offer preparation and test prep?

Our tutors offer tutoring and test preparation for all of the following:

  • Biology-- Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT & Nevin Katz, MEd
  • Chemistry-- Kelly Vodola, BS, Sean Hulseman, BA, Joe Jonas, MS, Julie White, BS & Nevin Katz, MEd
  • Math I-- Sean Hulseman, BA, Joe Jonas, MS, Nevin Katz, MEd , Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT & Julie White, BS 
  • Math II-- Sean Hulseman, BA, Joe Jonas, MS, Nevin Katz, MEd , Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT & Julie White, BS 
  • Macroeconomics--Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT
  • Microeconomics--Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT
  • Physics 1--Julie White, BS, Sean Hulseman, BA & Joe Jonas, MS
  • Physics 2-- Joe Jonas, MS, Sean Hulseman, BA & Julie White, BS
  • Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism-  Joe Jonas, MS
  • Psychology--Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT
  • Spanish--Kelly Vodola, BS
  • Statistics--Kaila Ryan, PT, DPT
  • United States Government & Politics--Julie White, BS
  • United States History-- Nevin Katz, MEd
  • World History-- Courtney Cooper, MEd

What are your students saying about your tutors' SAT II prep?

As you probably know, SAT II scores were released today. Our daughter texted me (I was at the gym) because she thought she might be confusing her reported score. She wasnít. She scored an 800 on the exam!

Thank you so much to the both of you Ė we know what incredible work you did with our daughter and, obviously, it paid off! In a year that was marked with a lot of teacher turnover and uncertainty, Nevinís assistance was invaluable.

PS sent a few weeks later: "Our daughter scored an 800 on the SAT II Biology exam, 5ís on BOTH the Biology and World History AP exams, and an A in AP Bio. Thank you again!

Parent of a Lexington High School rising junior
email address available upon request

I would like to thank you for the great work you did.† Our family appreciates that you were able to offer help on a very short notice and Margaret had been a great resource for our daughter in her SAT II Biology preparation. Margaret was professional, knowledgeable and encouraging to her throughout. We also appreciate the session summary emails very much as they kept us, the parents, updated of the progress.† We would definitely consider Lexington Tutoring again if we have any future needs.

We just got our daughter's SAT biology subject score--740! We are just thrilled and wanted you be the first one to know. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement throughout the whole time. We cannot say enough to thank you.
Arlington parents
email address available upon request

I wanted to thank you and Lexington Tutoring, in particular Michael Cappillino, for the invaluable assistance provided to our twin children with SAT Prep, Honors Physics and AP Chemistry in their high school junior year. My son's and daughter's SAT scores improved significantly. My son did very well on the Chemistry Subject SAT. As I stated on the phone today, I was cleaning out some files and realized that I never thanked you properly. We really were grateful for your help in our 13 month college admission journey times 2 !!

A Medford parent
email address available upon request

I am delighted to provide a very positive endorsement for Lexington Tutoring for the excellent support that our son Wesley received from Sarah Hughes. When I first contacted Lexington Tutoring early in 2012, I had a very detailed discussion with Nora. As I explained the situation regarding our son's study habits and the difficulties he was having midway through his junior year, Nora listened and commented with complete understanding of the circumstances. We agreed that Sarah Hughes would be a good match and indeed she was.

At first our son was reluctant to engage with a 'tutor', but as he and we saw the positive results of their collaboration he asked to continue. He excelled in his school work for the remainder of the year - this was the result of Sarah's coaching, setting up a calendar, reviewing his essays and overall working with him on 'excellence.' Homework coaching is effective because it teaches the student to really focus on what the teacher is asking for via-a-vis subject matter. We had her continue with coaching him for the standard college entrance exams, the ACT and the SAT and we are delighted to report that Wesley achieved a near perfect score in the ACT and in the 700's on the SAT's.

This was a marked improvement on his scores prior to his coaching. We can't help but feel that his work with Sarah and Lexington Tutoring aided him greatly in his achievement. I would highly recommend working with Lexington Tutoring if your child is experiencing challenges in his academic work.

A Burlington parent
email address available upon request

I wanted to add just 1 more achievement of Wesley to top off the wonderful 'roll' he has had since his tutoring by Sarah last year. Wesley was accepted to Tufts University on an early decision application and of course, he will be attending Tufts this fall. Since you are 'on top' of the college admissions process, I'm sure you are aware that Tufts is ranked #28 in the US News and World report rankings of National Universities and this year the selectivity was the highest in the history of the university with less than 20% acceptance from a very competitive pool of applicants.

We are proud of Wesley and as equally pleased with how your program of tutoring helped him achieve his potential that we knew was always in him.

In gratitude,

A Burlington parent
email address available upon request

Nevin, I know I've thanked you in person, but I wanted to offer an official email thank you for all your work with our son over the year. Your help has been invaluable, and it was particularly helpful that you were flexible about being able to coach a variety of material. My husband and I appreciate your time and dedication.

As a quick update,we thought you would be interested to know that our son did well on his history project (website). He got an A- and was therefore eligible to participate in the sophomore class history project competition to be judged this week.

Thanks again!
A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

Lexington Tutoring and Nevin Katz in particular have been fantastic. They have been very flexible with scheduling and Nevin explains the Biology AP material incredibly well.

Bob Walmsley
Weston, MA

This has been a positive experience for our daughter. †Mike Cappillino is outstanding. †I fully expect that we will have him back if our daughter prepares to take the SAT again, or from time to time to assist with preparing for math finals.

A Lexington parent
email address available upon request

Thank you again for your time and commitment in working with our son on his AP Physics B class and SAT prep. I am sure he learned a great deal about hard work this year. His excellent grades not only reflect the physics knowledge he gained but also what can be achieved with perseverance. Thank you for helping him achieve this life lesson.

Kind Regards,
Belmont parent of an AP Physics B and SAT prep student
email address available upon request

Got my scores back! Happy to report I improved in all areas. Here they are,

  • Critical Reading: 740 (up from 680)
  • Math: 700 (up from 680)
  • Writing: 610 (up from 540)
  • Essay: 8 (up from 6)

It was great to see that our hard work paid off in some solid improvement. I would like to thank you for helping me out during the year both in Physics and with SAT. You're a great tutor, great guy, and clearly you know how to produce results. Thanks again,

AP Physics B and SAT prep student--son of above Belmont parent
email address available upon request

Steve, as you were a bit concerned about this last chem test, I'd like to let you know that Tomas got a 94!! He's ecstatic! That hero thing is happening again....... Seriously, though, I have to let you - and you, Nora, - know what an outstanding tutor you are, Steve. Tomas is now working with two other tutors this year for math and the SATs and he feels you are, by far, the most committed and the one most able to get him to understand the material and help him with study skills. Maybe we'll end up homeschooling him with you fulltime....

Thanks for all your great effort,
Therese Von Rickenbach
Lexington, MA

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 █►Our SAT II tutors can help you to raise your SAT II scores.  For more details or to schedule your first session, please call 781-652-9649 or click   here   to send us an email.

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