█►We can help you to raise your GRE scores, minimize your GRE prep time and maximize your results. Your instructor will work with you to:

  • Outline the content areas on which you need to focus
  • If you are retaking the test, use your score reports to determine the focus of your preparation efforts
  • Develop and work through your study outline
  • Thoroughly review of all sections of the test, familiarizing you with test directions, types of questions, and test-taking strategies
  • Provide you with resources and information to strengthen your focus areas
  • Focus the majority of session time and your between-session studying on the content areas about which you feel least confident
  • Understand how to approach, solve and avoid mistakes on each question type
  • Minimize your preparation time and maximize your results
  • Provide a detailed report after each session to help you stay on track between sessions

For more details or to schedule your first session, please call 781-652-9649 or click  here  to send us an email.

Where can I find free GRE practice tests?

You find practice tests for the GREs here, at the ETS website. ETS develops, administers and scores the TOEFL and TOEIC tests, the GRE General and Subject Tests and The Praxis Series assessments.

ETS also offers this free 100-page review covering math concepts you may see when you take the GRE revised General Test.

Where can I find information about registration, test centers and dates?

Click here for general information on GRE registration and test centers.

For what GRE subject tests do you offer preparation?

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics

Click here for information about the GRE subject tests.

How many sessions are usually needed for Lexington Tutoring's GRE preparation and what is covered in the sessions?

Our GRE preparation program is usually an eight to ten week course of 2-hour sessions with three or four full-length practice tests and a diagnostic test (all taken between sessions) to complete the full course. Our course is designed to thoroughly review all sections of the test, instill confidence in the content areas and familiarize students with test directions, types of questions, and test-taking strategies.

Diligent between-session studying and work on the practice tests can usually reduce the number of sessions needed, unless remediation is needed in math, reading, vocabulary and/or verbal skills. If remediation is needed in one or more of these areas, we recommend at least 10 sessions.

We recommend reserving 8 to get started, with the understanding that if you find that fewer sessions are needed you could cancel the remainder with no penalty so long as we have a full 24 hours notice of the cancellation(s) by email to our office.

After each session, we provide a detailed report on what has been covered which includes suggestions as to what material to study and which diagnostic tests to take before your next session.

What do you charge for GRE prep?

Please see "College and Grad School Tutoring" on our Rates page.

 █►We can help you to raise your GRE score. For more details or to schedule your first session, please call 781-652-9649 or click  here   to send us an email.

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